I’m gonna try to describe this blog in a most simple way I can. Please bear with me!

This is a story of a fatty living inside a thin persons body. Yes, I love to eat and no matter how much I eat – I don’t gain weight (evil laugh). Other than eating, I love to dance (my second favorite hobby), music, learn different cultures and languages, travel, art and going to museums. I have a little bit of obsession about old buildings or architectures. There’s something about them that makes me.. (I don’t have a word for it right now..). Oh and I promise I won’t talk about food too much in this blog.

I’m currently living in an island called Boracay (my home-base) for about three years now. You may ask what brought me here. Well, all my life I’ve been wanting to live by the beach and I made it happen (haha not really.. truth is, I prayed to God and voila.. he answered my prayer!). I don’t really know where my next destination will be nor what I will do next, but I will enjoy where I am right now. I believe we all have a purpose in this world, that everything happens for a reason and at a perfect time (we may not understand it, but that’s the beauty of life). What’s important is that we learn and grow to be a better person. In this blog you’ll get to know more about me, what I do, places I’ve been (or dream of going) and daily encounters about life.

Join me as I get to know more about this journey. You may ask me questions or suggest any topic you want me to talk about, just hit me up and I’ll write about it (a lil challenge is always nice).